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P-6+MH-3 Aurora Style Tripod

Model No. P-6+MH-3
Max.Load 3kg/6.61lbs
Max.Dia 28mm/1.10in
Min.Height 166mm/6.53in
Max.Height 1287mm/50.6in
Folded 534mm/21.02in
Sections 4-sec
Weight 1.53kg/3.37lbs
Tube Material Twill style Carbon fiber




X-Aircross 2 Travel Tripod 0.9kg

Spec of X-Aircross 2 tripod Features X-Aircross 2 is a lightweight tripod designed by Fotopro for travelers. Dual 360°Panorama shooting - The two-axis design makes the independent rotation of the camera platform, even when the tripod is unbalanced. Detachable column - Shooting the macro distance by close to the ground. Double extension holes - which are unlimited extendable equipment.

TR-01A Trident

Spect of TR-01A Trident Model TR-01A Section 5-sec Min.Height 460mm/18.11in Max.Height 1700mm/66.92in Folded 490mm/19.29in Diameter 28mm/1.10in Weight 1.03kg/2.27lbs Max.Load 2kg/4.40lbs

AK-86N Monopod

Spect of AK-86N Monopod Model AK-86N Section 6-sec Max.Dia 36.5mm/1.43in Folded 700m/27.55in Max.Height 2843mm/111.92in Weight 1.125kg/2.48lbs Max.Load 5kg/11.02lbs

X-go Mini Tripod

Spec of X-Go mini Model No. X-go mini Max.Load 8kg/19.63lbs Max.Dia 22mm/0.86in Tripod Min.Height 1710mm/67.32in Max.Height 465mm/18.3in Folded 175mm/6.88in Sections 3-sec Weight 0.67kg/1.47lbs Tube Material Carbon Fiber

Free-1 Compact Tripod

Spect of FREE-1 Compact Tripod Model FREE-1 Section 5-sec Tube Dia. 25mm Folded Length 250mm Min.Height 250mm Max.Height 1525mm Net Weight 0.8kg Max.Load 4kg Spect of Selfie Stick Section 5-sec Tube Dia. 25mm Folded Length 250mm Max.Height 840mm Net Weight 0.25kg Max.Load 3kg

X-go PLUS E Tripod

Spec of X-go PLUS E Model No. X-go PLUS E Max.Load 15kg/33.06lbs Max.Dia 25mm/0.98in Min.Height 345mm/113.58 Max.Height 1485mm/58.46in Folded 430mm/16.92in Sections 4-sec Weight 1.02kg/2.24lbs Tube Material Carbon Fiber Monopod Max.Height 1225mm/48.22in Monopod Folded 400mm/15.74in Monopod weight 0.26kg/0.57lbs

P-2+P-2H Tripod

Spec of P-2 Model No. P-2+P-2H Max.Load 5kg/11.02lbs Max.Dia 16mm/0.62in Min.Height 117mm/4.60in Max.Height 702mm/27.63in Folded 374mm/14.72in Sections 3-sec Weight 0.45kg/0.99lbs Tube Material Twill style Carbon fiber

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